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I adore branding… From commissioned work to helping charities that can't afford designers, here are some of my favourite projects.

grim reaper foods

Owner of Grim Reaper Foods, Russell came to us looking for a simple new logo for his venture into chilli chocolate. I loved the brand and his passion for all things spicy and ended up creating a new illustration reaper that could adapt to the flavours of the bars. He was so happy with the result I freelanced once I left my old agency, illustrating all of his packaging across his chilli empire. 



Oxjam is charity music festival held annually to raise money for Oxfam. I created this low-poly inspired logo for the Hackney leg of the festival.



Warmer Wirral is a small charity that offers free insulation for homeowners. They're super passionate about the environment, and the negative implications of waste energy. I created a polar bear with a house in the negative leg space to reinforce what the company does and their commitment to the environment.



Cancer’s a bitch. One Thousand Women is a breast cancer charity set up through Action Against Cancer, by the incredible Samantha Wisnevitz. Her courage, positive attitude and outlook on life meant I could be a bit cheekier in the design. If you hadn't spotted - there's a pair of boooooobies in there. 



Inspired by parquet flooring, I created the branding for a boutique furniture shop in London. If you find yourself on Battersea Park Road, check them out. 



Inspired by old butcher illustrations, I created this little piggy for a British smokehouse based in Westminster. I worked on the whole branding from menus to colour scheme and even brand guidelines.



This game teaches wannabe darts players how to improve their throwing accuracy using rings getting smaller and smaller the better they become. I designed this logo for the game which good old Eric Bristow has endorsed. 

If you've got shit aim, you can buy them here



Keeping it in the family with branding for my Mum’s Natural Therapy business. From business cards, to leaflets, certificates, social posts and the website. All paid for with relaxing foot rubs in return…