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it's a dogs (trust) life

I'm pretty tired of charity adverts that use guilt to get to the hearts of their audience. So, when we had the chance to pitch on Dogs Trust I wanted to pitch something positive to cut through misery. Rehoming shelters are perceived as sad, even cruel places for dogs to end up. Dogs from shelters are often thought of as 'damaged goods'. However with all the love, care and attention they need, dogs at Dogs Trust have a happy life.  Let’s bust this negative perception. Let’s create a fun advert that highlights the great work Dogs Trust does without any soddin' guilt. And let’s show that coming out from Dogs Trust is nothing like coming ‘Straight Outta Compton’ 



I found my inspiration in rap (bare with me). Rappers tell stories of coming from the streets or not so pleasant backgrounds, into the lap of luxury. They are now living the dream - surrounded by bling, homies and ahem, 'bitches'. 

To bust the myth of Dogs Trust being another crap rehoming shelter, let's have a dog from Dogs Trust rapping about his Dogs Trust lifestyle. We’ll create the rap with a well-known rapper, like Snoop Dogg or Lil Bow Wow being the voice of our lead dog. Imagine 'It's a hard knock life' recreated as it's a Dogs (Trust) life. 


CONCEPT for rap video

We open on a dog in Dogs Trust. For a second it looks like a typical, gloomy, animal charity advert. The dog (he) is being examined by a vet. The vet moves out of shot, to get some equipment and the dog looks at the camera.

He (the dog) begins to rap about their Dogs Trust life and how good it is. The vet comes back in to give them a shower. He laps up the pampering shower, the nails being filed and we show a slo-mo of the dog being dried, ears flapping in the wind, and a happy smile across their face.

He's then picked up, cuddled and taken to yard with other dogs. The other dogs gather round and nod there head. He continues his rap about hanging with his gang and sniffing dogs butts all day... checks out butt of dog who walks past. 

Cut to dog meeting their new family, and being adored by what he calls, his new 'fans'. They take him home, and he sticks his head out the car and continues to rap. Cuts to the dog in the local park with his new family. He is wearing the Dogs Trust collar. He talks about ‘Bling’ gold collar and how everyone knows that he’s living the Dogs Trust life. The family take a selfie with him, and it changes to an Instagram feed of him with his family, doing loads of fun activities across seasons, and in ever changing outfits as the Instagram followers soar up.

Cut to the dog surrounded by toys, with dog treats raining down from the sky. 

We end with the dog snuggled on the sofa with his family aka his ‘homies’ as he says for one last time ‘It’s a Dogs Trust life’.