In a typical day, there is little luxury to be had. The ‘everyday’ can often pass us by in a haze of chaos. But that’s the beauty of Imperial Leather – It’s the little gift you give yourself, everyday, so you feel confident to face whatever lies ahead. It has no effect on the rest of the world, but it’s not for them. It’s for you. 

So let’s show that beautifully simple pleasure you get from using a great product against the backdrop of everyday. No bells. No whistles. No metaphors or exaggerations. Just the genuine feeling you get from using Imperial Leather. This advert echoes real life, which will make it stand out against the heightened and often over emphasised adverts that are in the beauty category. 



Massive Attack's 'Unfinished Sympathy' for it's laid back, raw and authentic nature, And the movie 'Frances Ha' because she lives in her own little world.

tvc Script


The 30 second TV advert  takes place in one single shot. So what seems like a lot of different things happening, will all overlap into one beautifully synchronised, choreographed, 30 second ad.

Open on a woman spraying perfume on her wrists and leaving the house. The camera faces her as she leaves, walking along the pavement of a typical city street. She slips on her headphones as the music starts. 

It’s early morning. It’s a bright, busy and crisp morning. People are on their way to work, all in their own world. There’s a traffic jam with people hanging out the windows in road rage. A hipster on bike weaves in-between the traffic. 

On the pavement walking the opposite way, storms a man in a suit, arguing with someone on the phone. There’s someone running past to catch the bus, a grocery deliveryman struggling to heave fresh fruit boxes outside a shop front. She’ll pass people of all races, ages and cultures. 

She’ll walk centrally through the chaos, as delicately as a dancer would. She seamlessly weaves through the crowds without bumping or interacting with anyone. She is in her own world, just like the other people in the scene - the difference is her world will be calm and confident, unlike those around her.

The camera, still in a single take, pans round her and is now behind her as she continues to walk down the street.

There’s a huge queue outside a coffee shop, a couple snogging in the queue, taking selfies. She easily slips through the bustle of people. The camera gets stuck in the chaos at the coffee shop as she continues walking. As she walks away. The music fades with her into the distance and the sounds of the busy street come flooding back. 

Super: Imperial Leather. Everyday confidence. Everyday luxury. 


We’ll create a very subtle choreograph for the whole scene so that the chaos of everyday can weave through our females path, but never interact. With people running, stomping and being caught in queues, she will glide effortlessly through the panic. 


This will define the chaos of everyday and the power of our female in her own world. When she puts on the music, she drowns out the mundane and we are taken on her journey. As the camera is left behind, caught up in the business of the urban environment, the music will fade with her, and the sounds of the street, the honking horns, chatting people and ambient sounds, come flooding back in. The music itself will be an embodiment of her cool, calm and confident nature.