.new look pitch.


Pitching for New Look was fast, hard but more importantly super fun. They were looking for a video content partner so working in a small group we made content for two rounds of creative. End the result? We didn’t get it. With New Look facing financial troubles I don’t think anyone won the business, but hey... we did get some lovely pieces of our work out the back of it.  




Round One of pitch

Concept (as a team) | Art Direction

Our brief was simple. To show New Look how you could bring to life a pair of shoes.

But we didn’t want to go in with moodboards to show what we would do. We wanted to show them what we can do, by making it. So as a team we concepted the video and then made it happen. Our social strategist made the music, our designer edited it and we made it through to the next round of the pitch. 



Round Two of pitch

Art Direction

For the next round we pushed the concept video one step further, creating a strong female rule breaker who went round the city marching to the beat of her own drum. We then worked with the delightful Director Wilson Hennesy to bring the idea to life.