Concept | Art Direction

(Design: Sean Valentine | UX: Thomas Saldanha)

Wacom's rebrand 'Live.Dare.Create' needed a launch idea. They wanted an exciting way to engage the creative community. The majority of digital artists use Wacom, but Wacom hasn't really taken advantage this huge pool of creative talent. So we created livedarecreate.com - an interactive, creative hub for artists to get inspired, share their work and you guessed it, perve at the latest Wacom products.

Deck layout scamp.jpg

I wanted to make a site that was in itself a place to discover, so took advantage of their new circular designs on packaging and created individual floating portals that took the user on a journey into individual artists who represented individual Wacom products. Each page featured a different artist from a different discipline, going into depth about their art, process and offering tips and tricks on their chosen Wacom product. Creating a site concept from scratch was a delightful and terrifying experience, but fortunately I got to work with two of the most talented puppies to bring it to life. The team effort really made this a piece we can all be super proud of.  

Mobile - Artist screens GIF.gif

So... Where the heck is it? 

Although we completed over a year ago, it's still waiting patiently to be launched. Wacom are working on expanding the amount of artists they are have on the site to launch with a full, delicious library of inspirational work from a huge variation of digital artists...
Can't wait guys.