Fun fact - Work dies. You can go too far, the client hates it, or the budget means it was only a wild fantasy from the start. Here’s some of those kind of ideas…




Robinsons are launching a luxury squash into the high end market - an area they haven't yet dabbled in. With this new venture they needed a new look to make them stand out. Taking inspiration from the bottle design, the fruit and botanicals spiral out in a kaleidoscopic effect. This puts the product in the centre, and reinforces the beautiful combination of flavours inside.



dog’s trust

I dunno about you, but I’m pretty tired of charity adverts that use guilt to get to the hearts of their audience. So, when we had the chance to pitch on Dogs Trust I wanted to pitch something positive to cut through misery.



PEPSI taste challenge

Pepsi wanted to bring back the famous Taste Challenge, but needed a bold new challenge to grab attention. If you want to grab attention you're going to have to do something big. So what if we challenge Coca-Cola with something that’s really worth fighting for. Put your media budget on the line, and challenge Coca Cola to do the same.

Then whoever loses, has to tell the world the other one tastes better. 

There was so many ways this idea could of worked, and across so many platforms, however this didn't even make it passed the quick watermarked scamp. Cause of death: "You've gone too far"


imperial leather

Imperial leather

Imperial leather were realising a fragrance, and asked for ideas for their TVC. Their brand message focused on ‘Everyday Luxury’ which gave us a great space to play in. I felt we could create an advert that was genuine and relatable, as well as giving it stand out compared to other fragrance ads.




Bringing together the joy of flat pack furniture...  and selfies. In this Facebook AR filter, you can rebuild your face with the help of the IKEA man. 



london pride pitch

For the pitch, Fullers asked us to create concepts around two of their brands; London Pride a traditional cask ale, and their newest brand London Unfiltered - a keg lager.


London Unfiltered is a keg lager that you guessed it… is unfiltered. So we pitched a campaign that champions the unfiltered people of London and the secret, wonderful and frankly bonkers things you can do in the city. For this we made a little mood film (below) to show what we meant by ‘unfiltered’.

unfiltered activation at gay pride


london pride - LOCAL PRIDE

London Pride has a perception problem. It’s an out-of-date beer that old men drink. So how do we get people interested in a beer that’s been here for donkeys?



original source rebrand

Scamps for a new look and feel for Original source. The idea was simple, to take each flavour combination and shoot playful compositions showing off the raw, natural ingredients they use in their products.



funky pigeon tvc pitch

Funky Pigeon has the desire to be a more emotionally led brand. So, we proposed to ditch the TV adverts with the pigeons being a family with human characteristics, and instead give them a purpose. Let's make Funky Pigeon the carriers of these cards and gifts, becoming the connection from one person to another.

Cause of death: "It's lovely, but a bit too much like a John Lewis advert for us"... (I'll take that.) 

Funky Pigeon1.jpg
Funky Pigeon Creative2.jpg
Funky Pigeon Creative3.jpg
Funky Pigeon Creative4.jpg

Philips hue’s visual style


Philips hue wanted to update their look and feel to emphasise people and the effect mood lighting has on them. Taking inspiration from double exposure I combined people and mood lighting, using reflections to capture both the feeling of the person and the room setting in one authentic shot.