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Cunt. Vag. Pussy. There's a lot of words for a vagina... none of which are particularly nice. I wanted to create something that gave women the chance to take back these ugly, derogatory words and the power they strangely have. Colour Up Next Tuesday is an adult colouring book that invites you to reclaim every twat, snatch, and gash with colour to make them beautiful. 



cunt campaign

After approaching publishers with no success, I decided - 'balls to that' - and launched a KickStarter campaign to get the funds I needed to make it a reality. I promoted the campaign on social media and encouraged my awesome C.U.N.T loving friends to do the same.

Orders started to come in from across the globe - with people from the U.K, America, Sweden, Australia, and New Zealand all pledging their support. Within ten days the book had reached it's funding target. C.U.N.T was born.



cuntin' PRESS

C.U.N.T has picked up some amazing coverage in the U.K and America with the likes of Glamour.com, The Metro, Bustle.com, Huffington Post (UK and U.S), Revelist, Mic.com & Design Taxi all jumping on the pussy power wagon. 


And here it is...