.IKEA social.


concept (as a team) | art direction

IKEA! Chuffed to get the chance to work on one of my dream brands. Working across social concepts and photoshoots as the lead creative, here's my favourite bits from the festive period.



Canvas catalogue

Taking the IKEA catalogue and putting it on social was quite a beast. Doing it on my first week on the account, was delightful + exhausting. The concept was already sold in when I joined, so I took charge of the UX journey, design and art direction.

There were four sections, or rooms as you'd say to the canvas, where you could explore; the Living Room, Kitchen, Dining Room and Bedroom, in their own separate streams. Images clicked through to the site where people could buy the products, streamlining the whole process. People went nuts for it, the client loved it, and I got to make a good first impression. Win win… win.




People love a bargain at this time of year, with the most popular things to snap up being new TV's, clothes and console games. But where the heck will all these new things live? We highlighted people's furniture make-do's with fun photographs that linked to a carousel of IKEA storage solutions underneath.




To showcase IKEA's new and exciting decorations, which we created an ever-changing GIF made up of individual shots stitched together to make the animation. We wanted to create a warm, cosy evening setting, and even convinced the client to let us indulge in giant snowballs for a truly magical feel. We also created stills from the same set (header image), which they loved so much (thanks giant snowballs) they were used across instore and online throughout November and December.