.philips HUE SOCIAL.


concept | art direction

Philips Hue are smart lights that you can control using your wifi. It was such a great account to work on as I got to create concepts for social, for photoshoots and the client was open to proactive ideas. I’ve handpicked some of my favourites ideas that came to life.



fruity lil' number

Proactive idea to showcase the amazing colour picking technology of the hue app. I created a series of fruity photographs for social, working with photographer Rob Shinn to bring them to life.  




Philips hue is at the cutting edge of the technology... but the light-shades that surrounded them?? - not so much. We asked our existing hue customers to share photos of their lampshades on Instagram with the hashtag #50ShadesOfHue. The weirdest light-shades won more bulbs.  Another fun proactive concept the client bought. 



photography for social

I lurve me a photoshoot. Whilst working on Philips' social accounts, I created a new suite of images for Philips hue showcasing how they work with smart devices and to introduce hue tap - a kinectic light swtich that you can programme to your favourite hue colour light combinations. Working with photographer Jason Knott I created the concepts for each image, and worked across casting and styling the sets. These photographs ran across social and web.