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Badass Gal was set up on International Women’s Day in 2018. Their mission - to celebrate women not just for one day of the year… but every, single, ruddy day. With their one year anniversary coming up, Badass Gal asked me and photographer Marc Hayden to celebrate all the nominated women with an illustrated exhibit.


#BadassBecause is a celebration of women who are not afraid to say why they’re bloody great. Marc photographed all 43 women (including me), and then I illustrated their own reasons why they’re Badass on top of their portraits. I wanted each portrait to feel individual to them, so created each quote and background pattern from scratch.


Badass Gal pulled out all the stops for the exhibit, securing a partnership with fashion brand Nobody’s child to use their studio, as well as Adobe for all the printing and Twitter to host the exhibit. We sold out in less than 30 minutes and extended the exhibit to two nights.

The event was incredible. Throughout the evening we had inspirational talks from the women nominated, and I even took the stage to chat about my side hustles, which was a insanely terrifying (but also delightful) experience. The exhibit is currently been shown in WeWork offices across London, for those who fancy a gander.